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Christmas Fabric

At Christmas, skills from our local craftsmen are put to good use, especially to create an exclusive fabric that will be seen only in the Land of Carols and Fabrics. 

Thousands of meters of fabric decorate the Christmas markets and monuments and are used to make many items and gifts to bring back from a getaway in Alsace.
The by-products - only available in the Tourist Offices of the Land of Carols and Fabrics - are created and made locally. They will allow the visitor to recreate at home the magical atmosphere of a Christmas in Alsace.

Tablecloths, napkins, placemats, table runners, aprons are available.

Christmas fabric 2016 Ode Boréale, Mulhouse Alsace

Edition 2016 - Ode Boréale

With patterns and colors specifically created every year, the Christmas fabric is a testimony to the textile heritage of Mulhouse and its region. The fabric gives a unique feeling to the city's Christmas decorations. 

The 2016 edition is called "Ode Boréale". It was designed by Marie-Jo Gebel who took her inspiration from two different patterns which were printed in Nantes in 1770. These two delicate interlaced and flowery patterns are now being kept at the Museum of Printed Fabrics in Mulhouse. They used to be printed on cotton or on linen with engraved wood blocks or thanks to a reserve printing technique.