The Thann-Cernay region

In Cernay, coloured decorations and floodligts give a magical apperance to the streets, buildings and gardens.

Enter in the magical world of Christmas in Thann and discover its Christmas market (open every day from 25th November to 24th December), nestling around the Collegiate Church, the St Thiebaut’s fountain and the place de Lattre de Tassigny, following the luminous way, at the heart of the historical centre.

Many original events and exhibitions are organized for the enjoyment of young and old alike in December such as exhibitions of Lego® and also Meccano®. In the town hall of Thann, an automatons’ staging will let the visitor travel into the elves’ village of Father Christmas.

Like an Advent calendar, a different window opens every evening in the streets of Uffholtz from 1st to 24th December and reveals an original show which theme is “a soft madness” : theatre, dance, circus, concerts, tales… Don’t hesitate to join in !

Furthermore you can attend several concerts in the Collegiate Church in Thann, the church Saint-Etienne in Cernay and or in different churches of the surroundings.

Our star moment: Christmas tales in Thann

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